Click here to access the "Made to Crave" blog, Chapter 13 - Overindulgence (by Nikki Grygar)

Eating or drinking in excess, also known as gluttony, is a sin.  Proverbs 23:20-21, “do not be one of those forever tippling wine nor one of those who gorge themselves with meat; for the drunkard and glutton impoverish themselves, and sleepiness is clothed in rags.”  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Are we trying to fulfill something missing in our lives with food or drink?  It seems we are lost spiritually and in lieu of Jesus we are attempting to fill up on physical pleasures.  Nothing will ever truly satisfy us or quench our thirst until we receive Jesus into our lives.  Psalm 107:9, “he has fed the hungry to their hearts' content, filled the starving with good things.”

What can we do to control our urges?  We can learn about portion control and how to eat more wisely.  God used food issues to teach the Israelites to be dependent on Him for providing food.  As discussed in previous chapters, we should rely on God to help us through difficult times when we turn to food as an outlet instead of Him.  Keep asking God to be your daily portion instead of trying to fill your soul with empty calories.

Discussion questions:  How often do you eat out?  Are you ordering healthy food choices?  Could you cook at home more often to control your calorie intake and portion sizes?