Click here to access the "Made to Crave Blog", Chapter 16 – Why Diets Don’t Work (by Nikki Grygar)

We should seek to live God honoring lives through self-discipline.  God has given us freewill to make our own choices.  We need to realize this when we are depending on food to heal us in times of weakness, instead of seeking out His strength.  Making healthy lifestyle choices will improve our lives and bring us closer to God.  A strong relationship with God will leave no room for Satan to tempt us into failing, but we must have self-awareness to recognize the potential threats.  1 Corinthians 10:12-13, “everyone, no matter how firmly he thinks he is standing, must be careful he does not fall. None of the trials which have come upon you is more than a human being can stand. You can trust that God will not let you be put to the test beyond your strength, but with any trial will also provide a way out by enabling you to put up with it.”


Discussion questions:  Do you have a daily battle with food choices?  Do you believe there’s a distinction from being on a journey with Jesus and dieting?