Chapter 5 - Week 1 Thursday Posting - "Resisting Happiness"

(Please review the chapter summary and respond to the discussion question in the Comments Box below)

Chapter 5 – Life is Messy

Birth and death, fear and pain, disease and suffering, hunger and abuse, addiction and betrayal, corruption and exploitation, disappointment and failure, injustice and broken dreams – life is certainly messy.  Someone can look perfectly fine, but you never know what is going on inside – and everyone has something going on inside.  Most people can hide it well, but it doesn’t change the fact that each of us are facing our own struggles.)

A. Discussion question:  What hard battle are you fighting?

As disciples it is our duty to reach out to others who have a mess greater or smaller than our own and be with them in their mess.  You can make a difference; don’t let discouragement become a resistance.  We must hold onto hope, which resistance hates, and share it with everyone around us.

B. Discussion question:  When was the last time you have reached out to help someone struggling?

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